Surge protection equipment can save your valuable appliances and sensitive electronic equipment when lightning strikes. Today's modern electronic equipment is increasingly vulnerable due to highly sensitive microchip components, so it is important to protect it from damage caused by lightning or other fluctuations in electricity. You can take precautionary measures by disconnecting appliances and equipment prior to a hurricane or a lightning storm. However, a man-made disturbance to your power supply, such as a power surge or outage, may not give you time to take protective measures. The surge protector device diverts power surges to ground, limiting excess voltage and protecting sensitive electronic components.

BELCO’S Liability

BELCO cannot accept liability for damage to equipment caused by power interruptions or voltage variations such as spikes or surges which occur as a result of severe weather. We advise that you review your insurance policy to determine whether or not damage to sensitive electronic equipment caused by storms or power interruptions is covered by your household insurance.