As a small Island in the mid-Atlantic, Bermuda is extremely susceptible to storm conditions for almost nine months out of the year. Hurricane season runs from June through November, and less threatening but more frequent are the sudden winter storms we experience. The conditions associated with hurricanes and storms -- high winds, lightning and falling tree branches -- mean that power outages are often inevitable.

At BELCO, our first priority during a storm is safety, both for our customers and our employees. As soon as storm conditions have eased, we turn our efforts to restoring power Island-wide as quickly and efficiently as possible.

When a storm is imminent, we establish a BELCO command centre in our C. Eugene Cox Operation Centre. BELCO's command centre is responsible for managing the restoration efforts.

One of our first tasks in the hours before a storm is to contact any customers who are on life support systems and ensure their safety.

When storm conditions begin to subside, we dispatch a team of engineers to assess the damage and provide a storm damage evaluation. Once the storm has passed, our crews work on restoring power to main line circuits, working first on those lines supplying essential services -- the Fire Service, Police and the hospitals. Once our main lines are back on, our next effort is to restore branch lines and then small areas which feed off our branch line system.


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