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Public Notices:

BELCO Responds to Regulatory Authority Announcement

Bermuda Electric Light Company Limited (BELCO) has recently been issued its transmission, distribution and retail, and bulk generation (Bulk) licences and hopes to soon be in a position to implement its plans to replace aged generating assets. BELCO is confident that the marginal cost of its replacement generation will be competitive and will result in stabilised or lower cost electricity for Bermuda over time.

What BELCO decides to do with respect to replacing its ageing generating assets is, unfortunately, not simply a business decision for BELCO. BELCO’s Bulk licence requires Regulatory Authority (Authority) consent prior to disposing of, or replacing, generating assets.

BELCO has notified the Authority of its intention to decommission a portion of its generating assets between the end of 2018 and March 2020 and, as required under BELCO’s Bulk licence, has sought the Authority’s consent to dispose of such assets following the decommissioning.

BELCO will next issue the Authority with a proposal to replace generating assets, as required under its Bulk licence. As the Authority has publicly stated that it expects BELCO to address the significant issues relating to its existing generation, BELCO trusts that the Authority will consider the proposal immediately and will act reasonably and in a timely manner, to provide BELCO with the consents that are required before BELCO will be able to proceed. 

In addition to replacement generation, improvements are required in transmission and distribution assets and infrastructure in order to facilitate the distribution of generation from other sources.

BELCO understands that the Authority is considering guidelines to establish the generation transfer pricing to be incorporated into the methodology for setting the retail tariff. BELCO is hopeful that such guidelines and methodology will be determined as soon as possible.

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