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Public Notices:

Corporate Contributions


Each proposal is reviewed by BELCO's Corporate Contributions Committee. The Committee meets monthly to review all requests for Corporate Contributions (including Matching Gifts), generally the first Wednesday of the month. Requests submitted by the last working day of the month will be reviewed in the following month.

 A written proposal is required for Corporate Contributions, including: 

  • Information about the requesting organisation and its officers or principles
  • Registered Charity status (or statement that the organisation is not a registered charity)
  • Plan for the event or initiative, including budget and how success will be measured and reported
  • Amount of sponsorship requested
  • Benefit to the community
  • Why BELCO is being solicited, and which other companies or agencies are being solicited
  • How BELCO would be acknowledged as a sponsor

Priority is given based on perceived overall benefit to the community, and fit with BELCO's emphasis on environment, health, safety, education, community development, family support and improving the economic well-being and quality of life for groups of people that represent the diversity of life on the Island.

Generally, only one contribution will be made to an organisation during the calendar year. From year to year, the Company will rotate support amongst organisations to ensure balance and fairness. Previous recipients may be asked to provide documentation, showing how BELCO Corporate Contributions were used; past program success is a factor in evaluating requests.

Multi-year commitments to capital campaigns generally will not exceed five years.

Title Sponsorships are undertaken only when there is a compelling reason for the Company's involvement and with the understanding that BELCO may be a working partner in the planning and execution of the event. Title Sponsorships are reviewed annually for continued relevance to the Company and the community.

StreetLight Reporting

Three ways to report:

Use our interactive map

Email streetlights@belco.bm

  • Phone 955

Tree Trimming Requests

For tree trimming related service interruption requests:

Read BELCO's Tree Trimming Policy.

BELCO Service Rules

BELCO Certifications

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Current Outages

 Access our new Outage Map for information on all current outages 

Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Learn more about BELCO's Advanced Metering Infrastructure ( AMI) project here 


BELCO offers undergraduate scholarships, education awards and postgraduate scholarships below. For further information on our scholarships and education awards visit www.bermudascholarships.com.